Monday, December 27, 2010

How would you like a cool pedal that isn't quite like everything else out there?

 This is the Smoking Heart Designs RAS-G  RANDOM SLICER-GLITCH pedal.  This is a slicer/signal interrupter with two cycles, each with variable rate.  They are used together to open and close a gate which passes the audio signal.  You can go from slow(about 2 Hz) to a very fast speed that sounds like a very high speed vibrato pedal.  The advantage of having two cycles interfering with each other is the possibility of creating slices of unequal time and patterns that are far more interesting than a regular killswitch type pedal with a constant rate.  In addition, there is an XTRA button, a momentary switch that adds an extra randomness to the already somewhat chaotic slice pattern.  Please check out the video--it tells the whole story.  And it's a very detailed video: the chaos gets rolling at about 1 minute in.

  • Makes the killswitch sound that's popular today, automatically
  • Ability to add randomness by simply stepping on a button
  • Works great for processing loops or synthy sounds
  • Very sturdy metal enclosure
  • Hand wired and tested
  • Made in USA
  • Signal path is entirely analog
  • Uses the most common 9V power supply (negative terminal) found on pedalboards
  • Simple to use and understand
  • Wide variety of sounds available
This can really affect a guitar signal, clean or distorted.  It can kill the beat of a drum machine, basically getting rid of anything resembling a pulse.  It can be used for looping to great effect, the loop pedal being placed before or after this pedal in the signal chain.  Works great with synthy sounds, sequenced sounds, anything repetitive.

I have spent much R&D time here at Smoking Heart Designs to create a pedal that does not cause the unwanted pop and crackle that is usually associated with fast switching of signals.  I am VERY proud of the work I have done--the closest this comes to anything like a pop is when the oscillator is at a fast speed and gives the illusion of the tiniest pops.  NO loud pops, no weird glitches.  The audio path is totally analog, there are no DACs or ADCs to dehumanize your signal.  My street cred:  I'm an underemployed, degreed electronic technician with 13 years experience and a guitarist with a B.A. in music.

I've tested this pedal with other pedals, with several types of guitar pickups, different amplifiers, in different order of pedals.  It will happily accept input from and feed another pedal's input.  There is only a slight high end loss attributable when this pedal is in active mode. 

The pedal uses the most common 9V DC adapter that is found on nearly all pedalboards.  It is the type with a negative center terminal.  This type must be used to avoid damage to the device.  Using the wrong adapter may destroy the effect pedal and will void the warranty.

Why not buy this cool pedal today?  There's not much like it out there!!Link to eBay Listing

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