Saturday, September 24, 2011

People Dig This One...

Cool Ass Ring Modulator Pedal

Just click on this link to see the listing on eBay.

Would you like to expand your tonal palette with a really cool effect, hand built in the USA?

This is the Bumble-Puppy Ring Modulator (named after a kids' game) from Smoking Heart Designs. With it you can move away from normal guitar sounds and effects into a more creative and interesting zone. It sounds really great--compared to other ring modulators it has a very warm and round tone. It has frequency, gain, buzz, and bypass controls. The buzz control(since it's named after a bee) makes the effect sound more fuzzy and ratty and it cuts some low end from the signal. The frequency, gain, and bypass controls work like the typical pedal.

  • Hand made, hand tested
  • Built by a degreed electronic technician
  • very nice warm sound
  • no need to adjust to remove carrier noise, noise is 99% filtered out
  • wet/dry signal ratio is set at perfect ratio at the factory, no need to adjust
  • uses the most common 9V DC adapter that is found on nearly all pedalboards(negative center terminal)
  • Strong metal chassis with lock washers on jacks and pots
  • engineered to have super low noise
  • input buffer
The video is a demo of the unit working and gives good additional information:

Why not enter a new world of cool tones today?

Just click on this link to see the listing on eBay.

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