Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Pedal--RibBit Bit Crush/Modulator

New Product! Ships within 2 days!

This effect is not for normal people. Of course, you're probably a guitarist--and we aren't normal anyway. Some pretty sick sounds have emerged from this beast, the newest pedal from Smoking Heart Designs.

This is the RibBit, the bit-crushing beast from Smoking Heart Designs. Oh, what will they come up with next? With this pedal you will move away from normal guitar sounds and effects into a more creative and interesting zone. It has frequency, gain, jump, and bypass controls. The jump control(since it's named after a frog) makes additional harmonics and volume come out of the pedal. The gain and bypass controls work like the typical pedal. Frequency adjusts an internal oscillator, but the sound coming out of the pedal does not necessarily vary its frequency directly with the control.

  • Hand made, hand tested, hand soldered
  • Built by a degreed electronic technician
  • makes lots of weird noises
  • uses the most common 9V DC adapter that is found on nearly all pedalboards(negative center terminal)
  • Strong metal chassis with lock washers on jacks and pots
  • input buffer
know what you're thinking: "this doesn't look like much, it looks like
the guy just slapped it together." Or "I'd like to get a
unique/boutique/USA made pedal but I'm not sure about the quality of a
pedal that isn't manufactured by a big company." Both are reasonable questions. As you can see, the pedal is made with care, and this assures you of its quality:

tested this pedal with other pedals, with several types of guitar
pickups, different amplifiers, in different order of pedals. It will
happily accept input from and feed another pedal's input.
I am VERY proud of the work I
have done. There are no DACs or ADCs to dehumanize your signal. It is shielded appropriately to reduce internal noise.
My cred: electronic tech, 13 years experience, degree, and B.A. in music to go with.

The video is a demo of the unit working and gives good additional information(the "meat" of the demo, probably the coolest stuff and most accessible sounds start at about 4 minutes, but who am I to judge?) :)

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I now ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Lower 48 US :) Shipping is $15 to Alaska or Hawaii.