Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Pedal Alert!!

This is the new Smoking Heart Designs pedal, the Fuzz O Loop. It is a Silicon NPN Fuzz Face clone with added features. What added features? Well it has a built in feedback loop that makes the pedal into a crazy noise oscillator machine. And if that weren't enough, you can connect a volume pedal to the control jack and control the feedback loop with the pedal. It affects the pitch, tone, and volume of the feedback.

  • Tough aluminum enclosure
  • Good quality, not cheap switches
  • Made in USA, hand soldered and tested
  • Made by electronic tech/engineer, degreed
  • Great sounding fuzz, thick and juicy
  • Makes nasty and sick noises

The pedal has a button for turning on the feedback loop. The BFEED control affects the pitch of the feedback. If you connect a volume pedal(the kind that the signal goes through, not one of the EV-5 or Line6 controller pedals) you can change the pitch without even bending over and using your hands. And what a crazy amount of sounds you can get with this beast! Works best with a volume pedal that has approx. 250K Ohm pots in it.

Check out the video below. It shows the Fuzz part and the feedback part. At 5:07 I start talking about the feedback part. Before that is the description of the fuzz and the controls.

Here's the LINK to buy this pedal!