Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hey Look!!

To look it up on eBay.  Keyword: Fuzz O Loop
The Fuzz O Loop.  A great sounding Fuzz Face clone with a cool switchable feedback loop inside.   eBay>>LINK <<

Here's what you get with this pedal:

  • Great sounding fuzz, thicker and heavier distortion than a standard silicon Fuzz Face
  • Built in switchable feedback loop to make crazy and sick noises
  • Tough aluminum enclosure
  • Contact info from me, the builder, in case there is a problem and it needs repair
  • Made in USA, hand soldered and tested
  • Made by electronic tech/engineer, degreed

You turn on and off the feedback loop with your foot.  The BFEED control affects the pitch of the feedback.  When you connect a volume pedal(the kind that the signal goes through, not one of the EV-5 or Line6 controller pedals) you will change the pitch without having to bend over and use your hands.  You'll appreciate the crazy amount of sounds you can get with this beast!  Works best with a volume pedal that has approx. 250K Ohm pots in it.

Check out the video below.  It shows the Fuzz part and the feedback part.  At 5:07 I start talking about the feedback part.  Before that is the description of the fuzz and the controls.

Can you see yourself owning this cool pedal? Why not buy this pedal today?  

Here's the>>> LINK to eBay listing.

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