Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dual Killswitch Makes Crazy Tweaked Sounds

This is the Aural Disruptor, a dual killswitch mounted in a box. You can make some very cool and very tweaked sounds with it. The switches are wired in parallel to ground to allow rapid switching and chaotic fast switching. Here's a demonstration video with Version 0.5 of the Aural Disruptor: Link
Version 1.0 (the one for sale) has better quality switches that are easier to depress. I play guitar and I'm an electronic technician with a degree so I *do* know how to build electronic stuff.

You may have heard Buckethead doing some things with killswitches; DJs also frequently use fading to interrupt sounds. It's a great effect if you are making loops.

It has a 1/4" jack on either end and you can run guitar, keys, bass, basically anything that you can put through a 1/4" jack into it.

This is available on eBay <---click on link to go there!!